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Commonly Overlooked AC Maintenance Steps

By Angell Aire /

Annual AC maintenance is necessary to improve your system’s energy efficiency, avoiding breakdowns during the summer while preventing costly repairs. However, many homeowners miss crucial AC maintenance steps during their own inspection. Here are some of the most common overlooked AC maintenance steps.


Thermostat Problems

Most homeowners simply forget to inspect their thermostat when performing home maintenance on their HVAC system. After all, it is a small unit that constantly works. However, many AC problems start here. From failing batteries to improper settings, small issues within the thermostat can lead to all sorts of problems throughout the HVAC system. Maintaining the air conditioner and performing annual inspections should begin with the thermostat.


Incorrect Size

This is a problem that comes up when individuals purchase window units or attempt to install their own AC system. Proper size is crucial in providing an accurate, comfortable temperature. A unit too small simply is unable to do this, will overwork itself and likely run into performance issues quickly. Due to this, it is important for you to always bring in the professionals whenever you are considering a new AC system. Even if it is only a window unit, consulting experts can help point you in the direction of the best size for your space.


Cleaning the Interior of an Outside Unit

Over the course of a year, grass, insects and other debris can build up around an outside unit. Ridding the unit of this debris is important, but it doesn’t just stop on the outside of the appliance. Junk can find its way inside the AC. Cleaning the interior of an outside unit improves functionality and boosts energy efficiency. It can also help spot problems ahead of time. The AC should be turned off to do this in order to avoid having it kick on during cleaning. Cleaning the interior of an air conditioner is important.


"Jason was very professional and knowledgeable. He gave a summary of everything he did and how our furnace and AC are performing based on their age. Fortunately, we had a good check up and he didn't try to sell us any replacement parts that we didn't need. Highly recommend!"

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