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By Angell Aire /

If your furnace is old, there is no question that it’s running inefficiently, costing you a lot of money you could be using for other things. Replacing it with something newer could save you a lot of money. You have a number of options. You could get the newest furnace model, of course. You could also get an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient geothermal heating system. Read on to discover the differences between traditional furnaces and a geothermal heating system, and learn if the geothermal option is the right one for you.


Most furnaces burn some kind of fossil fuel to produce heat. Some furnaces use electricity instead. With both kinds, you are paying for the energy.

A geothermal heating system does not require either electricity or fuel. This is because the ground stays between 50 and 60 degrees under the frost line, no matter what time of year. A long length of pipe filled with water is buried in this layer as part of a geothermal system. The water warms up, gets pumped into the house where it releases its heat, and then returns to the buried pipes for reheating. You never pay for the energy required to heat your home with this system, because it just moves heat from underground into your house.

Installation Costs

The cost of installation is where furnaces have a real advantage over geothermal systems. Geothermal system installation means excavation, at the least, and may include retrofitting of other aspects of your heating system. Getting a new furnace could cost you less than two thirds what installing a geothermal system would cost you.

Long Term Costs

Geothermal heating systems have a significant advantage over furnaces in the long run. Heating with a geothermal system should, on average, cost only half of what you pay with a furnace. Depending on the size of your house and the climate you live in, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. The savings will eventually pay for the installation, and everything after that is savings.


Geothermal systems do not produce very much pollution because they use the ground’s natural heat. Furnaces that burn fuel produce a lot of pollution. Even those that heat with electricity often produce a lot of pollution, because the electricity is being produced by burning fossil fuels.

"Jason was very professional and knowledgeable. He gave a summary of everything he did and how our furnace and AC are performing based on their age. Fortunately, we had a good check up and he didn't try to sell us any replacement parts that we didn't need. Highly recommend!"

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