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Easy Ways to Prevent Air Conditioner Problems

By Angell Aire /

You can actually prevent many air conditioner problems yourself, before you have to call a technician.

Check all your windows and outside doors and make sure they are closed before turning your air conditioner on. If you are operating a room or window unit, be sure to close the door to the room or connected room you are trying to cool to insure maximum efficiency.

Make sure the seal for your window air conditioner is good at the start of the season. Inspect all around where the frame meets the window to make sure no hot air comes in or cold air escapes.

Maintaining Your Air Filter

Simple maintenance can also be done yourself. If you let your filters get dirty your unit will not perform properly. Periodically checking and changing your filters will most likely save you money and extend the life of your air conditioner. A filter that is dusty and dirty will reduce your unit’s air flow. A clean filter will reduce your air conditioner’s energy usage by as much as 15%.

Filters should be checked every two months. Some filters may require changing every month if the unit is in constant use or if pets are in the house. Evaporator and condenser coils can become bent. This also restricts airflow through the coil. You should buy a fin comb tool that puts these fins back in factory condition.

Locating Your Air Filter

Central air units usually have the filter located near the end of the return duct, either on the wall or ceiling.

Room or window air conditioners have a filter mounted behind the grill that faces the inside of your room.

Clean filters prevent your coils from soiling, which can further reduce your unit’s performance. If your unit is outside, keep all nearby bushes and grass cut back. This reduces dirt from accumulating in your coil. You may refer to your owner’s manual to locate these areas of your particular unit/model.

Seasonal Tips

In the winter you should remove your window air conditioner and store it. Cover an outdoor central air conditioner. By doing this, you will protect your unit from winter weather and debris from falling tree leaves and branches.

If you would like more information on having a qualified professional inspect your air conditioner, please contact us.

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