Heating and Cooling Buyer’s Guide

Do you need a new air conditioner or furnace? Do all of the claims, numbers and ads made by various businesses confuse you? You want the best system for a fair price. You want to increase the comfort in your home while saving energy.

We invite you to use our Heating and Cooling Buyer’s Guide for making your next purchase. We provide you with the right questions you need to ask before you make your purchase.

Start with a Trusted Brand

Start with a trusted Bryant.  Bryant has been an innovative leader in the home heating and cooling business. They achieve some of the highest customer ratings; their machines are among the most innovative in the industry. Bryant does whatever it takes to get it right.

Look for High Efficiency Systems

High efficiency comfort systems have been around for years. Each year, manufacturers like Bryant continue to improve the efficiency of these systems. They use less energy to heat and cool. The motor fans are quieter. They bring more comfort to every room in your home. You are making a 15-20 year investment in your home. You want the latest in high efficiency systems.

The Right Size System for Your Home

You want a heating and air conditioning system that fits your home. Too small a system puts pressure on the performance of the system to heat and cool. Too big a system fails to maximize the energy efficiency of the system. You need to customize a new system to fit the space in your home and your family’s life style. Craig Angell, owner of Angell Aire, will personally provide you with customized system that fits your family’s needs.

Professional Installation

You want a hassle free installation with your new system. National studies have shown that breakdown in equipment happens twice as much from poor installation as a failure in equipment. Look for a certified service team that treats your home with respect.  The entire area should be clean after the installation. They should also provide you with instructions on how to operate your system.  Our technicians are certified, bonded and insurance to provide you this peace of mind.

Reduce Your Costs with Credit and Rebates

When it comes to air conditioning and home heating, buying the cheapest is not always your wisest option. Trust and reliability are better long-term qualities. Higher efficiency systems do cost more.  They also give you more monthly energy savings.  We know that cost savings on cooling and heating are an important part of your family budget. On many new systems, the government, utility companies and manufactures like Bryant offer tax credits and rebates to help with your purchase.  At Angell Aire, we do all of the paperwork for you to obtain these rebates and credits.

Your Next Step

Use this Heating and Cooling Buyer’s Guide to get as much solid information as you can before you make an important decision on investing in a new heating and air conditioning system. Angell Aire provides a free analysis of your home heating and cooling needs. You will experience a no pressure, customized bid to deliver more comfort with less energy.

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