How Often to Change Your Furnace Filter

Many people believe the purpose of a furnace filter is to improve the quality of air inside buildings and houses by keeping them clean. It does that, but its primary goal is protecting the blower fan from hair, dust particles, and other contaminants.

It is a common myth that once installed, you do not need to replace them. Many people believe that they only stop functioning properly after years of service or when they break down. A furnace filter should, however, be replaced as often as possible. It can be done monthly or more regularly. How often to change furnace filter depends on various factors explained in this article.

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter

The factors to consider when determining how often to change furnace filter include;

Geographical location – People who live near beaches, deserts, or windy places should change their furnace filters more frequently. Due to their geographical setups, dust particles will always be in the air. This means that their furnaces will continuously be working to protect the blower fans. It is, therefore, crucial to constantly check whether it is working well to figure out when to change it.

Type of filter used – There are various types of furnace filters found in the market, and they tend to vary in both quality and price. The best quality is always the best option to go with because they last longer. However, knowing which one is of good quality can be quite hard, hence the best way to go about it is doing extensive research. You can either ask around for recommendations from people you know or look up reviews on social media or a company’s website. It is advisable to go for the option that has more reviews because it means most of the people who have used it got satisfactory services.

Presence of pests and pets – How often should you change your furnace filter also depends on the number of animals you keep. People who own pets need to change their furnace filter more often, especially if the pets are long-haired breeds. Dust particles and a lot of other contaminants are trapped in their bodies when they go outside, and they bring it all back to the house. Furnace filters usually have to work constantly in such homes, meaning they have to be replaced regularly.

If you notice pests in your house, it is crucial to check the furnace filter after fumigating. The pests tend to get stuck in the filters, thus blocking or causing them to break down. Broken filters prevent air from getting in or out. The environment created inside the house, therefore, encourages the multiplication of the pests.

Smoke – If you smoke or live with someone who does, you should change your furnace filter more often as well. How often should you change your furnace filter also depends with whether you host guests who smoke a lot. Smoke may seem to be light, but the particles are heavier than air. Clearing all the smoke particles from a room overworks the filter, causing it to slow down or even breakdown. If it is not changed regularly, it will affect the quality of air and the working ability of the blower fan.

Medical factors – People who suffer from medical conditions like asthma should not live in dusty environments as doing so will only worsen their health. It is, therefore, advisable for them or their guardians to change the furnace filters often. Do not wait for them to break down or gather too much dust. Establishing a pattern, such as carrying out replacements every month is advisable. Doing so will guarantee you a dust-free home, which is safe for the asthmatic person.


How to Change Furnace Filter

For people who do not want to call an expert and are wondering how to change furnace filter, it is quite simple. The first thing to do is find the right replacement before removing the old one. After buying it, remove the existing filter then check for an arrow on it, which indicates the direction of airflow. Use a pen to mark the direction on the outside of the furnace as this will always guide you when installing a new filter. The final step is to slide the new filter into place and put back the cover that goes over it.


Benefits of Changing Your Furnace Filter

Air conditioning systems usually break down due to dirty filters. Changing them regularly will, therefore, save you from having to buy a new system.

When the filter is clogged, it works much harder than normal. It means that a lot of energy is going to be used, thus raising the household energy bills. Replacing filters regularly is a way of keeping energy costs down.

Living in an environment that has good quality air improves the immune system of humans and pets. It saves them from health issues like allergies and asthma.

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