Is it Time to Replace your Air Conditioner?

From skyrocketing energy bills to simply never getting cool enough for comfort, your air conditioner may be trying to tell you something. Is it time to say goodbye to your old A/C? It could be, particularly if you see one of the troubling signs below.

Huge Electric Bill

If your bill has been slowly climbing every summer, or suddenly jumps hundreds of dollars in a single month, your air conditioner may be to blame. Review your energy bills from previous years to get an idea of just how much your bill has climbed. A significant jump is a good indication that your system may be at the end of its lifespan.

Home is not Cooling

If your A/C is constantly running but your home is never truly cool or comfortable, your aging system may be to blame. Being unable to adequately cool your home is a big warning sign that it may be time to look for a better and more efficient system.

Poor Air Flow

If you hold your hand over a vent but feel little or no air flow when your system is running, you could have a significant problem. Whether the unit simply isn’t strong enough to push air through or has broken down to the point that some rooms no longer get cool air, a lack of air current is a warning sign.

Odd Noises

If it suddenly sounds like a poltergeist has moved in, or that your home has aged 100 years overnight, an old, outdated unit may need to be retired. The squeaks, groans and crackling of an air conditioner should be taken as warning signs that your unit is failing.

High Repair Bills

If you are constantly needing repair work for your system and feel like you are spending more time with the air conditioner repairman than your family, it may be time to start fresh.

If you spot the signs of an ailing air conditioning system, contact a HVAC pro to help you determine what the problem is and give you the information you need to make a decision about repairing or replacing your system.

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