Why Is My House So Cold?

Some of us have been in that situation during winter or a cold Minnesota spring when we visited a friend’s warm house and then returned home and noticed that it feels much colder. It is then that one asks him or herself a question; why is my house so cold? When our houses are noticeably cold, they deny us the comfort we should have at home. In extreme cases, a cold house can be a health hazard.

The general answer to this question would be that the house does not have a heating system that is working as it should. The following are some possible causes of the cold in our houses and suggestions on how they can be solved.


Radiators are Losing Heat Through the Walls

Sometimes our radiators, particularly the ones attached to the external walls cause the heat they produce to disappear into the wall. This can be rectified by changing the radiators installed in the external wall. There are however some low-tech alternatives that we can use to rectify the situation. One of them is using a heat reflective foil and placing it between the wall and the radiator. The foil will then reflect the heat back to the house instead of having it absorbed by the wall. This is certain to make your house warmer.


Heat is Getting Lost Through the Windows

We also lose heat through the windows. This is especially the case when houses have big windows and are located in places where they are susceptible to drafts. One way of preventing the heat generated by our heating units from finding its way out is by using thick curtains; possibly ones on which a heat foil is attached. Curtains are typically made from non-conductors and therefore they wouldn’t allow the heat to leave the house especially when a heat foil has been attached.


Not Taking Advantage of the Sun

Whenever there is sunlight during the day, opening the curtains allows the interiors of our houses to absorb as much heat from the sun as possible. This keeps the house warm during the day. When the sun sets, it is advisable to close the windows and curtains immediately. This ensures that the heat soaked into the house during day time remains in the house. The effect is better when thick curtains have been used on the windows.


Cold Air is Coming Through the Chimney

Some of us use chimneys merely for decoration. This means that there is usually no fire lit in the fireplace. This, however, does not mean that the chimneys openings do not bring in cold air from the outside which finds its way into the house. To solve this problem, you can use chimney balloons to block out the chimney holes. Chimney balloons are made of laminate, and they are placed inside the chimney, near the chimney holes. They are then inflated until they block the holes from inside. That way, they keep the cold air outside but also keep the chimney looking beautiful. If at some point later you decide to use the fireplace, all you need to do is deflate the balloon and pull it down.


Furniture is Blocking Radiators or Vents

Sometimes the reason why our houses get cold is improper arrangement of the furniture. We may find that we have placed a piece of furniture in such a place that it absorbs the heat that should be radiated from the radiator or vents to the rest of the house. If it happens that the furniture cannot be moved, it may be advisable to move the radiator or vent to another location where it will not be obstructed.


Furnace is Not Working Properly

It may be that the problem is simply that your heating equipment is no longer working due to one fault or another. If you find that this is the case or you’re not sure whether the furnace is functioning, the right course of action would be to schedule a HVAC technician to check the system and repair them.

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