Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips

A home furnace needs proper maintenance to keep it working efficiently. Some of the maintenance can be completed by the homeowner, but other tasks require the expertise of an experienced HVAC technician. Arranging for a tune-up at the start of the heating system provides preventative maintenance that can extend your system’s service life. It can also catch problems before they become large and expensive. Here are several maintenance tips that can keep your furnace system operating at peak performance throughout the year.


Clear the Vents

It is important to keep the furnace vents free of clutter. Move furniture, rugs, and other household items located near the vents. Try to provide a distance of at least two feet between the vents and large pieces of furniture. Check to make sure that the furnace vents are open to allow optimal airflow to occur.


Check the Registers

Blocked registers restrict the flow of air. Inspect each register, even if it isn’t in active use, and clear away any blockages. Use a vacuum attachment to eliminate the buildup of dust. If you must keep furniture close to the register, make sure that you allow at least four inches of open distance to optimize the airflow.


Inspect the Air Filter

It is important to check the air filter at the beginning of each season. Doing so guarantees that it is being inspected at least four times a year. Be sure to replace dirty filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.


Set the Programmable Thermostat

If your furnace has a programmable thermostat, create a schedule that optimizes its use for the winter. Consider bedtime, school, and work schedules to assist in creating a schedule that works for your family.


Schedule a Tune-up

Even if you feel capable of handling most maintenance tips for your furnace, it is a good idea to obtain a tune-up and professional evaluation of your system. An HVAC technician can find minor problems and repair them before they become major issues. A tune-up appointment also provides a good opportunity to ask about upgrading your system. During your system’s tune-up, the HVAC technician also inspects and cleans your furnace.


Keeping your furnace operating at peak performance helps to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the coldest months of the year. It can also reduce the cost of your utility bills. Schedule a furnace tune-up every year and remember to check the air filter every three months. Doing so should boost the performance of your furnace and extend its lifespan.

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