How to Fix Window Condensation

Window condensation usually happens in the winter from a combination of excess humidity in the house combined with the cold air outside hitting the glass that is heated from the warm air inside. Besides being unsightly and destroying any view you may have, over time the condensation will soak into any wood frames or sashes and cause water damage. This article discusses four ways to fix window condensation.


Reduce the Humidity

As stated, excess humidity is the main culprit. If you have low humidity, the condensation will not occur. In most heated homes in the winter, the humidity is fairly low, but if you live in a very humid climate or you have added a humidifier, then you may need to adjust this yourself. If it is from a humidifier, simply lower the setting slightly until you have achieved the desired results. If the air in your home is naturally humid, then purchase a dehumidifier. A less expensive but higher maintenance solution would be to purchase moisture-eliminating products, such as DampRid.


Keep the Air Moving

Run ceiling fans or move your furnace fan from auto to on so that air is constantly circulating. This can help the condensation from forming. Also, make sure you run fans any time you are cooking, showering, bathing or doing laundry. These activities increase the humidity in the air, so running a fan can help disperse the moisture throughout the house.


Protect the Windows

The sudden temperature change from the cold outside to the warm inside hitting a pane of glass is what causes the humidity to condense on the windows. Help mitigate the sudden change by protecting the windows inside and out. Outside, install storm windows or plastic sheathing. Inside, keep blinds, shutters and curtains closed. These actions will also reduce your heating bills and help stop cold drafts.


Open the Windows

If it’s not too cold outside, just open a few windows. This will help regulate both the humidity and sudden temperature changes. This, in conjunction with running fans, is probably the quickest and easiest method of reducing the condensation, although it is only a temporary fix.


Being cooped up inside during the cold winter months is bad enough without being able to look outside. Improve your view and protect your home by using these four ways to fix window condensation.

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